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The New Ecology of Things Lab

New Ecology of Things, Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design




This site hosts the projects of NETLab, an initiative of the the Media Design Program at Art Center College of Design. The New Ecology of Things Lab explores ubiquitous and pervasive computing in terms of theory, interaction, and significance. We conduct research, develop prototypes, create tools for designers, and publish.

NEWS: February 16, 2010 - Version 3.0. Major new features include:

  • Addition of Arduino and XBee as controllers, Make Controller still supported
  • Widget compatibility with Flash ActionScript 3 (and a complete rewrite of widgets)
  • Addition of new control widgets including: TweenIt, ZSortClips, Insert, and ListItems
  • version 3.04 adds ListItems which provides a way to have a list of text items loaded from a disk file, and then accessed in order or randomly. VideoControl and SoundControl can now switch video/audio files using ListItems. Or, you can access the list from code. See the ListItems documentation for more info.


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Hi I'm VERY interested in this excellent project, I tried the toolkit but I can't get it to work, the only widget that connects to the arduino is the AnalogInput, the others give errors in the Hub application, I hope someone can help me, thanks!!
Posted 20:33, 19 Jul 2009
Hello - JeshuaSan - If you can post your question with more details of what is wrong here: We can help you. Thanks, .phil
Posted 18:57, 26 Jul 2009
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